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Beds Of Flowers
So when the moon rose they got up, but they could find no crumbs of bread, for the birds of the woods and of the fields had come and picked them up. Hansel thought they might find the way all the same, but they could not. They went on all that night, and the next day from the morning until the evening, but they could not find the way out of the wood, and they were very hungry, for they had nothing to eat but the few berries they could pick up. And when they were so tired that they could no longer drag themselves along, they lay down under a tree and fell asleep.
Nature is my favourite DJ
When they reached the middle of the forest the father told the children to collect wood to make a fire to keep them warm; and Hansel and Gretel gathered brushwood enough for a little mountain; and it was set on fire, and when the flame was burning quite high the wife said, “Now lie down by the fire and rest yourselves, you children, and we will go and cut wood; and when we are ready we will come and fetch you.” So Hansel and Gretel sat by the fire, and at noon they each ate their pieces of bread. They thought their father was in the wood all the time, as they seemed to hear the strokes of the axe, but really it was only a dry branch hanging t ...
Alessia Fabbri
Alessia Fabbri Alessia fabbri, aspirante modella. In questo articolo voglio mostrarvi una nuova modella, Alessia Fabbri. Alessia Fabbri, nata a Sassuolo l'8 marzo (il giorno della festa della donna), nel 19xx...non si dice  ;-) Attualmente è una studentessa ed è anche molto sportiva, ex giocatrice di pallavolo, infatti è stato proprio grazie a questo sport che ci siamo conosciuti la prima volta, poi rincontrati in discoteca dove ero il fotografo ufficiale della serata. Da allora con Alessia Fabbri ci siamo visti spesso, grazie al mio lavoro e alla sia passione per le discoteche. Alessia Fabbri è una ragazza molto carina, quindi ha deciso ...